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2022 Wedding Trends

The flowers are blooming and wedding season 2022 is about to be in full swing. We have collected the top trends to expect this year whether you’re planning or attending a wedding.


  • Expect to see a focus more on tablescape details rather than large floral arrangements or detailed ceilings. These table details might include unique linens, glassware, and flatware.

  • Alternative florals, such as monochromatic tones, are another trend expected this year. Another floral trend harkens back a few decades – pressed florals! You might see them on invites, table numbers, place cades, or even cakes.

  • People are looking for an excuse to dress up so you might find more formal attire or black tie events this year.


  • For some couples, big parties are back! After a couple of years in dire need of human connection and celebration, you might find many large weddings.

  • Though many may choose a big party, expect some weddings to continue being small and intimate. Whether the guest list itself is small or the space is designed with small lounges and cozy corners.


  • Thanks to vaccines and global borders beginning to open, expect destination weddings to emerge once again.

  • Entertainment has always been a focal point at weddings, but expect this year to see a unique and interactive take on entertainment. Some couples are segmenting performances for each part of the event, such as a small string band for the ceremony, a live band, and DJ Sets for the reception. Some are indulging in unique entertainment such as fortune tellers, pop-up performances, and professional dancers.

  • Guest experience might include more personal welcome notes and thoughtful gift bag items.

  • Weddings are going to be more sustainable, often sourcing food from local farms, incorporating greener vendors, using online invitations, and recycling or repurposing the florals.

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