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WHO DAT say they gonna throw a Super Bowl Party?!?

February 1, 2010

I know, we specialize in weddings, BUT Details by Margaret loves any reason for entertaining! So, are you ready for the big game? If you are one of the lucky ones who has a big screen TV like me, I am sure all your friends have volunteered your house for the Super Bowl. Am I right?!? Well, no need to fear. Details is here to give tips on how to have an awesome Super Bowl party without breaking the bank!

#1 Invite your guests (if they haven’t already invited themslves!) is a great (FREE) way to email out cute invites letting your guests know the details. When inviting guests, consider how much seating you have near the TV. This is one game where everyone will want to watch and you want your guests comfortable.

#2 Plan your menu. Potluck is a great way to keep the budget down while still having amazing food. Everyone has a favorite “football dish.” Ask guests to bring their beverage of choice as well as a dish to share with the others. To keep from having repeats of the same item, make a wish list of what you are looking to have served and have guests reply on with what they are bringing.


Hot dips (such as a Wing Dip) Cold dips (such as Guacamole) Spicy dips (such as Rotel with ground beef)

Chips/Dippers Pretzels Potato Chips Tortilla Chips

Hot Appetizers Pigs-in-a-blanket Sliders (mini burgers with cheese and bacon) Taquitos or Mini Tacos Potato Skins

Cold Appetizers Cheese and Sausage platters Cut-up veggies (carrot sticks, celery, broccoli and green peppers) Fruit trays

Wings ‘N Things Bonelesss Buffalo Wings Honey BBQ Wings Celery sticks, ranch, bleu cheese and plenty of wet naps

Sweets Cookies Brownies Football Cup Cakes

#3 Presentation. I am all about creative decor and serving pieces! This is where you can really stand out! You already have a theme so the rest is easy. Party City currently has Super Bowl gear on sale!! I got Saints and Colts plates with football napkins. This way my guests can eat off of a plate with the team they are cheering for. Not all of your guests will bring a serving platter for their dish. Be prepared! Target has cute football serving pieces in thier dollar bins! I have this platter. You can get a couple to use for hot or cold snacks.

Know somone who has played or currently plays football? Maybe a kid who plays pee-wee football! If so, ask if you can borrow a helmet! Using props for serving pieces or decor is always a plus. I am going to try and find a helmet to use as a serving piece. I will line the inside of the helmet with a linen cloth. (If using a used helmet for serving food, first clean out the helmet and spray with a disinfectant.) I going to set the helmet on its side and have popcorn overflowing out of the helmet onto the table.

Plastic cups are totally fine for a party like this. Set out Sharpies for guests to write their name or design on a cup so they can keep up with their drink. To make it even more fun, get some Colts and Saints stickers for guests to use when decorating their cups.

#4 Are we having fun yet?!?! Sure your main entertainment will be the game and commercials, but to spice things up even more make bet or drinking game out of the night! Now, I am going to share my super secret party drink recipe for these games.

Skip and Go Naked ( or Who Dat Punch in honor of the Saints!)

Fifth of Vodka

Fifth of Whiskey

2L Sprite

1 Frozen Limade

1 Frozen Lemonade

2 Beers

(Caution: May cause crazy outbursts or singing!)

Make sure eact guest has filled cup of Who Dat Punch. Each time the announcer says “down” as in touchdown or first down each person takes a sip of their drink. To make it even more interesting split into favorite teams. When your team loses yards or the other other team scores you have to take a drink.

** Details asks that you please drink responsibly!**

Finally, have fun! Relax and enjoy the game and your guests. At the end of the night when people offer to help clean up…. let them! Give each person a small job or task. The mess will be gone and no one will be put out. If you have left overs give “doggie bags” to guests as they leave.

I will post pics from my Super Bowl Party next week! Come back and see what I did.

For now… gotta run the plays to make this party a WINNER!!


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