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Bouquet of Questions

May 17, 2010

Spring is here and it puts me in the mood to talk about FLOWERS! Last Sunday Andrea and her parents had a meeting with Caprice at Enchanted Florist in Nashville. Caprice had lots of great pics for Andrea to look at and guided her to exactly what she wanted WHILE sticking to her budget. That is my kind of florist! Here are some tips on what you can to do to plan for a florist for your wedding

Six months before your wedding is a good time to start your search for a florist. Book your florist approximately 4 months before your wedding date. You need to have your reception and ceremony sites picked out before you can hire a florist because you’ll need to know how many arrangements you’ll need.. You’ll also need to know what color your bridesmaids’ dresses are.

What to bring with you to the consultation with the florist. • Pictures of flowers and arrangements that you like (magazine clippings or websites) Google your favorite color and look through the Google Images. Ex. Results for “Green and Pink Wedding Bouquet”

• Picture of your wedding gown – swatches of material from your bridesmaids gowns – if available, a picture of your reception room

• Bring quotes you’ve gotten from other florists.

• Bring a list of all the flowers and arrangements you need and who they are for, so that the florist can label corsages, boutonnieres and bouquets, with names or titles. Example: on a bouquet a stapled piece of paper reads “maid of honor”. This way everyone gets the right flowers.

When you visit each florist, look at pictures of their previous work and look around their shop.

• Do you like the arrangements that you see in the shop’s displays?

• Do the flowers in the pictures look fresh?

• Are the pictures dated or are they following the current trends?

• Is the designer willing to work with you or are they telling you that your idea won’t work?

• Make sure you speak to the florist that will do your arrangements.

• Do you feel comfortable with your florist?

• Is your florist paying attention to you while you’re talking and does he/she seem interested?

Questions to Ask.

• When viewing photos of past work, ask if the flowers where arranged by the same person that is doing your arrangements.

• After giving your florist your ideas, ask for their opinion or ideas. You don’t have to take their advice but at least take the time to listen. You never know, you might like their ideas better then your own.

• Is there a delivery charge?

• Is there a setup fee?

• Do they have rental supplies?

• Can you change your order if you have another idea? What’s the cut off date for new ideas? (2 weeks is the average.)

• What times will the flowers be delivered to each location? This question can be asked 1 month before your wedding.

• Will the florist transport ceremony decorations to the reception location? Is there a fee?

• Can they make a sample of your bouquet and centerpiece? (Some florists will, some won’t. If they do, they will most likely charge extra.)

• Are the flowers you’ve chosen in season? What flowers are in season for your date?

• Is the florist familiar with your reception and ceremony locations?

• 1 month before your wedding date, call the florist and ask them if they can get the type and color of flower you wanted?

Of course, to make things REALLY simple… trust Details by Margaret to be your florist! Not only do we coordinate and organize the details for your wedding but we also are amazing floral designers. We work with Geny’s Wholesale Florals to get you the best cost on flowers and our design services are able to fit any budget. Here are a few pics of our work.

Gotta run and pick some flowers!!!

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