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Butterfly Recap…

March 7, 2010

So only a few weeks overdue for a recap of my twin brother’s wedding in Florida. (the Butterfly Wishes post). The wedding was beautiful. The weather cooperated for a sweet little ceremony outside in a gazebo with palm trees surrounding it…. A photographer’s dream! One of the cutest things was my brother’s dog Chevy as the ring bearer. Chevy is a little wiener dog that had a tux and top hat for his strut down the aisle. The reception followed in a ballet studio with a connecting café style patio, equipped with bistro tables and chairs for those to enjoy the cool Florida night.

(Jimmy adjusting Chevy’s tux before his walk down the aisle)

Being the great sister I am, I offered to make the centerpieces for the reception and help with the coordination of the night. As for any special event, there are always things that come up at the last second that need taken care of, NOW. A good event planner has a backup plan for just about anything you can throw at her. (hint for brides-to-be: hire a wedding planner… I promise it will be well worth the money spent to not have to worry about all the details of the night.)

Working with a tight budget, family members usually get involved with trying to cut costs by offering to help with this or that. It creates more stress for the family when they have to worry about those details. As event planners, we strongly encourage our brides to utilize the vendors available. Don’t have your mom worrying about making food… Hire a caterer. They have the equipment and staff to make your dinner flawless. So, leave it to the professionals and let Mom enjoy the night. My brother took my advice and hired a caterer.

There are a couple of exceptions… if your aunt Judy is a florist and wants to make your bouquets or centerpieces, by all means, meet with her to show her what you want. You have a friend that makes wedding cakes. Great! See if she wants to help. Just try to keep your to-do lists for your immediate family to a minimum so they can enjoy your wedding.

Here are a few pictures from my brother’s wedding. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked because I was running around taking care of those last-minute “things.” But I did manage to get a couple. Enjoy!

Gotta run and set up a meeting with one of our brides-to-be.

(Cute little sign directing the wedding guests to the gazebo)

(The wedding party at the gazebo getting ready for the giving of the bride)

(The happy couple…. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy and Rachel Davis)

(The one and only picture of the butterfly centerpieces. There was a shorter centerpiece on the other half of the tables)

(My husband, Mike, and I after the ceremony. Since this wedding was in Florida, Margaret wasn’t there to help. Mike stepped up and was a huge help. Thanks, Babe!)

(Cute cake topper…. my brother likes fishing and they found this topper!)

(I managed to slow down for a second to steal a dance with my brother during the ‘dollar dance’. Congrats, lil Bubby!)

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