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Elegant Garden Weddings

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

February 4, 2016

Garden weddings are some of the most beautiful affairs ever. All the elements of the outdoors just add a special elegance to the day. There is just something about having an outdoor wedding that you don’t get with being indoors. Romantic style + whimsical details + natural beauty of the outdoors = absolutely beautiful. The possibilities are endless when having a garden wedding. We have put together some fabulous details that will have your garden wedding looking b-e-a-u-tiful!


Start your garden wedding theme with your invitation! The design could give a little teaser as to what your big day is going to entail.

Source: Elli


There are so many flowers to choose from so it could get very overwhelming! But always remember, let your personality shine through your bouquet. Mix a variety of flowers and some greenery and the final product will be beautiful. Garden roses are always a beautiful addition because their lush, ruffled petals give a unique look to a bouquet. They also come in an assortment of colors.

Ceremony Decor:

Make a statement as you are walking down the aisle. Lanterns are always beautiful pieces to have as part of your decor. Don’t be scared to mix it up with different styles and colors. Light a candle inside and keep it simple or even add some floral details to make the aisle even more beautiful. If you don’t want to do that, you can hang jars with a small bouquet of flowers on a shepherd’s hook at the end of each aisle. Simple but just as beautiful.

Source: MOD Wedding

Source: MOD Wedding

Now it is time to set your stage. What beautiful things do you want around you and your groom during your ceremony? A beautifully decorated arch with linens and flowers, or maybe just let nature set your stage. If you are having your ceremony under a tree, just add some simple decor and maybe even some flowers for a beautiful backdrop!

Wedding Cakes:

Carry your theme onto your cake! Flowers and greenery add a special touch to an already beautiful cake. Another trend that we are starting to see is the “naked” wedding cake! There is just something fun about those cakes. They are also great for warmer outdoor weddings!

Reception Decor:

Tall pieces, small pieces, rustic pieces, or modern pieces. You can do a lot or a little when it comes to your reception. It really is all in what you envision! One tip we want to share with you is to reuse the decor items from your ceremony at your reception to help cut down costs.

Source: The Knot

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