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Emphasis on the PARTY

September 21, 2010

When Carly and Ryan Cross came to me for help with their wedding celebration I was excited! They had a small ceremony and reception for close family and friends but wanted to throw a HUGE bash to celebrate their marriage with all of their friends. They had a budget of $3000 and 100 friends looking for a good time. We didn’t go over one dime! Here is how we made it happen…

Venue: Marathon Village a really great warehouse space right outside of downtown Nashville for only $800! (Pro: Amazing view of the Nashville Skyline Con: 3rd floor event space and no elevator) This is a very flexible event space. You can bring in your own food and beverage. They have tables and chairs that can be rented for a low cost as well. Invites: Since Carly and Ryan were already married, they used one of their wedding pics to make a Kodak card online to send out to guests with the event details!

Photographer: Details by Ryan aka my husband has an interest in photography and offered to shoot this party for fun! You can thank him for the pics you see in the blog.

Food: Details by Margaret took care of the food and beverage. The party started at 8:00 so the goal was not dinner but snacks. Our new team member, Faye, covered the food! We served buffalo and bbq wings, veggie platter, cheese fruit platters, and a great cupcake tower from Publix. The next most important details were the kegs and “party punch”….secret recipe… you will have to book us for an event to taste!!!

Decor: Details by Margaret kept the decor simple. We brought in the gerbera daisies that were used as a theme with the actual wedding. We kept it simple and cool! We hung white lanterns and lights. The party was set!

DJ: Jacob Spaulding has been a good friend of mine since the grade school years. He is now a local DJ and took care of this couple for a great price!!! Let me know if you are interested in getting a quote for your event!

Bonus Details: Beer Pong was a fun activity for the guests and easy to set up on our own. Also, we had dry erase boards spread out across the room. Guests were encouraged to write a message to the bride and groom and Photographer Ryan went around and took their pics. Now Carly and Ryan have a photographic guest book!!! Speaking of pictures we wanted guests who could not attend the wedding to see pictures. So one wall had a slideshow from the actual wedding day so the guests could see the moment.

It was a great event and fun was had by all. Thanks, Carly and Ryan for coming to Details by Margaret!

Gotta run!

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