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Faux vs. Real

March 13, 2010

A friend/co-worker of mine got married last weekend in Colorado……only a little jealous that they were in the beautiful mountains. She had 2 ceremonies, one on Friday night and another on Saturday night. (Joining religions…) Knowing that I plan weddings, my friend has come to me several times over the last 6 months for advice, answers, suggestions, and ideas for her winter-themed, Colorado wedding. We discussed centerpieces, colors, dresses, food, save the dates,………. and flowers.

Flowers were the hardest topic we discussed. She liked lilies and roses but after looking at thousands of pictures of bouquets, she still had not found what she was looking for in a bridal bouquet. So I invited my friend and her bridesmaids to my house for an ‘arts and crafts’ breakfast one Saturday morning. I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and picked up some of my friend’s favorite flowers along with ribbon, floral tape, pins, glitter glue, etc. (we used fake flowers because they are less expensive to experiment on) After all the girls arrived, I asked each of them to select some flowers and start playing with the supplies to spruce up the flowers to be used for a bouquet. Some used glitter to add some sparkle and others used colors to paint onto the flowers to bring in the wedding colors.

(this was a collection of the “painted” flowers from the arts and craft breakfast: different designs with the glitter…) From the arts and crafts activity, my friend finally found “The Bouquet” she had been looking for all along. Now, at the beginning, I said she was having 2 ceremonies. She decided to use a fake bouquet for the Friday night ceremony and a real flower bouquet for Saturday. Using the ideas from our activity, I created a bouquet with fake flowers. I was impressed with how real faux flowers can look. My friend absolutely loved the faux bouquet and it only cost about $25 to create.

(the faux bouquet for her Friday night ceremony)

So although real flowers are gorgeous and smell wonderful, brides on a budget (or who are allergic) can have fantastic-looking Faux Flower Bouquets, too. And the best part, no one will even notice unless you tell them! I hope to get some of the pictures from the ceremony and will update those later, but I did manage to swipe one from Facebook.

(Congrats to the happy couple, Bridgette and Brian!)

Gotta run for now.

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