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How to Trim the Wedding Budget: Guest Count

July 6, 2017

The date is set! You have the perfect fiance, a picturesque dress, and a growing list of family and friends you’re eager to share your big day with.

Couples often find themselves over budget in the wedding planning process, and look for savings in food, decor, and more. If you are looking for bigger savings this wedding season, consider your guest list. People cost money. You pay per the chair, the table, the meal, the favor… you get the point! You are paying to have these people celebrate your marriage.

It is time to make your list and check it twice. Today’s, Details By Margaret is offering you 5 tips and tricks to craft the perfect budget friendly list.

Time is of the Essence

A great way to reduce the guest list is to reflect on who you truly spend time with. If acquaintances are outside of your group of friends, it is best not to extend an invitation. In terms of coworkers, if you do not spend time with them on a regular basis, it is wise to save the invite for a closer friend.

Follow the Golden Rule

When crafting a guest list, consider how many people will attend your nuptials. 85% of locals and 65% of out of towners is a great estimate.

Look for Extra Savings

If you feel that you have trimmed your guest list to its fullest extent, consider other savings throughout your wedding. If you choose to have a shorter ceremony, use less expensive chairs or move chairs from the ceremony to reception if possible. Trim the china and cutlery budget by using fancy plastic opposed to expensive china or monogrammed plastic cups and napkins instead of renting glassware. This ensures you can sneak a few extra guests into your list.

Choose Your Words Wisely

If you want an adult-only wedding, carefully address your envelopes to indicate children are not part of your big day. Invitations should specify exactly who is invited (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith instead of The Smith Family).

Choose a Destination

One of the easiest ways to keep the guest list to a minimum is to host a destination wedding. This ensures that feelings won’t be hurt, as travel and accommodations are hefty for those outside your closest circle of family and friends.

Your big day is your time to shine. Sit down and make the moves to create a list that works for you!

{Featured image taken by Ryan Tolbert Photography}

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