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Spring Cleaning

April 11, 2010

3 Years of Event Planning = a TON of Stuff!!! Yesterday Jeanie, my husband Ryan, and I all took on the daunting task of organizing all of the event planning supplies we have collected over the past few years. I had no clue that we had accumulated so much STUFF goodies! Going through all the boxes brought back great memories of past weddings and events. We took time to box up items in Rubbermaid tubs and labeled them carefully. We took inventory of each item to help us be better organized for future events. Ryan even built shelves to store all the tubs in the crawl space under our house. This will make pulling rental items much easier in the future!

This was hard work, but definitely paid off when we saw the organized storage space. Same feeling we get when we see a wedding come together after all of our meticulous planning. Check out the photos to see how our day went and what neat treasures we found.


Just getting started. Still smiling!

Can you believe all of this?!?! Who is gonna clean up this mess?

These trees were from Megan and Sloan’s Winter Wedding in 2007.

Jeanie is removing the ribbon from the vases used at her brother’s wedding.

We have rocks and marbles of many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Note to Self: Do NOT buy anymore fishing line, floral tape, or lighters.

These cylinder vases have been used for weddings, luncheons, and showers.

Ryan, quit being lazy and build more shelving!

Jeanie placed the lighted branches from Bella Aeris in tubs and found a solution for the messy feathers.

…..leftover from our White Castle Wedding. kidding. really.

Feels so good to have everything in its place! Thank you Ryan and Jeanie for your hard work.

I will have a list of our rental items available soon. Feel free to email me if you are interested in anything you have seen above. FYI, there is a waiting list for the mullet wig.

Gotta run and put a heating pad on my back!

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