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The Wedding Singer

February 19, 2011

Tonight I am going to see one of our new Aisle Runners in the stage version of that hilarious Adam Sandler movie, “The Wedding Singer.” Stacie Riggs is a singer/actress/wedding planner extraordinaire! We are so very excited to have her on our team.

Meet Stacie Riggs.

Event Planner

What made you want to get involved with event planning? “I love all the little details. I love seeing how all the separate planned components come together to form one great big picture.”

Share your favorite event planning story? “Helping to plan my sister’s wedding was the best. She was a very simple bride so figuring out ways to add that extra little sparkle while still keeping it all ‘her’ was a fun challenge. I also hand made all the favors and floral arrangements for her bridal shower. It was my first time doing both, so it was rewarding when everything thought that the arrangements had been bought.”

Do you have any secret tips making an event perfect? “Write things down and make lists. You always want to make sure your bases are covered and the best way to do that and not miss something is to make yourself checklists. Also, make sure you delegate tasks out to family and friends that you trust. Don’t think that you can do this all yourself, asking for help is okay and it will definitely make for a smoother day and a calmer you.”

Grooms cake or Bridal Cake? “I love the bridal cake. For most brides, its the most amazing and beautiful cake she will have in her entire life. You only have One bridal cake. Whether it be stately or whimsical, it is definitely a focal center point and talking point for the reception. However, if your wish and budget allows for a grooms cake, the sky can really be the limit when choosing a fun and crazy design. Its a nice way to showcase a love of the groom in a day that is typically centered around choices the bride has made.”

Who is your event planning idol? “I love David Tutera. I just think everything he does is so amazing. Now he usually works with high budgets, but I love taking those looks and ideas and figuring out how to do them in a more inexpensive DIY way.”

Want to see Stacie light up the stage? Visit and get your tickets!

Gotta run and get ready for the show!


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