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To Hire a Planner or Not to Hire a Planner? That is the Question!

So many people think that you can only have a wedding planner if you’re having a $50,000+ wedding. This is SO not true. Just about anyone can have a wedding planner! There are many planners out there (like us!) who will help brides on many different budget levels. From $3000 to $30,000, wedding planners save you much more than money….they save you time and energy!

They help you stick to your budget. Don’t get me wrong, a wedding planner can’t get you “discounts”, but often he or she will have connections with various vendors. These connections can possibly save you money. Some planners have various decor items that they own. If they don’t have everything, they can always rent them, and do the price shopping to get you a cheaper price than if you were renting them yourself. A planner can help you to create a budget, and throughout the planning of your wedding, he or she will listen to your budget priorities, and help you stick to the budget. If you talk about wanting something for your wedding that’s costly, a good planner will tell you that it won’t work with your budget. A wedding planner can offer up great do it yourself ideas in place of typical “wedding purchases”, and sometimes will even be willing to help you with them, or do them for you.

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