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Trading Diamonds for Diapers

April 18, 2010

Throwing or attending a baby shower? A Diaper Cake makes the perfect gift! All the components of the cake are items for Mommy and Baby. The best surprise for Mommy is in the middle of the cake. I like to add Mommy’s favorite bottle of wine or champagne as the base. Shhhh! Let her find it when she starts using the diapers.

I made one yesterday for a Rock Star themed baby room. Here are our step by step instructions on how to make your own baby cake. Scroll to the bottom for the simple instructions!

Supplies: (2) 16″ disposable cardboard platter Bottle of the Mom-To-Be’s favorite wine or champagne 70 diapers (try to find some that match your theme or colors) Rubber bands Glue gun Decorative Ribbon Johnson and Johnson Take Along Pack (travel size of baby products) Decorative Baby Items (off the Mommy’s registry if possible)

Step 1: Place the bottle of wine in the center of the cardboard platters. Wrap bottle with 2-3 diapers using a rubber band.

Step 2:

Roll diaper in with design on the inside. Wrap rubber band to keep secure. Do this until you have about 60 diapers rolled.

Step 3:

Encircle the bottle with the rolled up diapers, fitting as many as possible around the bottle. Once you have finished the bottom layer, secure ribbon around the diapers to hold in place.

Step 4:

Continue with steps one and three to make the last 2 layers with each layer being smaller than the one below it.

Step 5:

Decorate your cake! Have fun with this part. Include items that fit the baby’s room or theme of the shower. Use glue or wire to attach the items. Be careful not to glue the items to the diapers but to the ribbon instead. You want Mommy to be able to use everything on the cake!

Simple Instructions to Make a Diaper Cake:

Contact Detail by Margaret! We will create the cake for you. You give us the theme, budget, and baby’s name. We will take care of the details!

Gotta run and deliver this ROCK STAR Diaper Cake!

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