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What’s Your “Style?”

June 16, 2014

There are 2 kinds of brides out there, the ones who know exactly what they like and what they want, and the ones who don’t know what their style is or even where to start. When planning a wedding, you want to have a theme or style that will be the common thread for all the details. Now, there are tons of social sites, blogs, and magazines you can flip through and say “Oooo! I love that look.” But is it YOUR look? What is your STYLE?

Vintage/ Antique Wedding at Tulip Mansion at the Hermitage

The first step is to look around in your own space. Do you see a common theme in your home décor or fashion choices? Do you find yourself drawn to a particular store or designer? If so, there’s your style. Go with it. It is you! For example, in my home you will find vintage birdcages, lanterns, and accent pieces from old windows and doors. You could say I have a “vintage/ rustic style.” (And yes, you can combine styles to make you own!)

My House! Vintage/ Rustic Style

Some want their day to be outside of the norm. Something they would never do on a day-to-day basis. If that is you, first ask yourself, will I look back at my wedding album 5 years later and regret my decision? If not, go with it. If yes, you might want to take a second thought before making your fiancé wear camouflage at your wedding.

Literary Themed Wedding at Merchants Downtown Nashville

Glam Wedding at the Embassy Suites Hotel Murfreesboro

Rustic Wedding at Southall Eden, Franklin TN- Michael Howard Photography

Once you find a style that you feel like you gravitate toward, you can start looking for those photos and saving your favorites. If you don’t already have one, start a Pinterest board with all your favorites…. (Let’s be honest, you will take the board you had secret before you got the ring and make it public now that things are official.) Share your board with your planner and vendors so they can truly understand your style. Bring a throw pillow or an accessory to your meetings if it best describes your style. Work with your wedding team on making the style compliment every detail of the day.

Finally, no matter your style, make it all about you and your future husband. Don’t worry about what others think. This day is your day and it should be the day you have always dreamed of!

Want more ideas on choosing your style, contact to set up a free consultation and I will help you narrow down your ideas and come up with your personal style board. Or check out our style boards on Pinterest to get some fresh ideas!

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